Guldhjulet – an award for those who work against oppression and discrimination

What is Guldhjulet

Guldhjulet is an award that will be given yearly to an organization that works against oppression and discrimination in Sweden. The first award was given on the 27th of January 2016. The ceremony was held in Stockholm.

Why Guldhjulet?

We think it is unacceptable that people all over the world still suffer from different kinds of serious oppression. All oppression is awful whether it is justified by cultural, religious or other arguments.

We are convinced that oppression and discrimination are major obstacles to development and prosperity. Neither a family nor a nation where there is oppression can develop in a positive way.

We would like to contribute

At this point in time, solidarity between individuals is particularly important. A large number of people are fleeing to our country to escape oppression and discrimination. Horrendous terrorist attacks occur in our neighboring countries. This causes major challenges – the interests of different groups are put against each other. In this situation, we believe that it is particularly important to stand up agains all forms of oppressions and discrimination – we would like to contribute.

Guldhjulet, the initiative

My name is Teresa and I originally come from Angola, but I have lived in Sweden for almost 30 years. Since I come from a Africa, I understand, appreciate and love the freedom and rights we have in Sweden. But sadly, also in Sweden many people are being discriminated and oppressed.

At my company, we have discussed how we can help those who are oppressed in Sweden. We decided to establish the Guldhjulet. We hope that other companies will want to cooperate with us. By working together, we can become even stronger and will be able to make an even greater difference.


So far, our sponsors are (Ringens Bilskola), Hikurangi AB and Rocha AB. But we need to get additional ones. The more sponsors we get, the more difference we can make. If you have any questions or want to support us, please send an email to Teresa at or call on 0707-14 16 11.

Teresa Afonso Leimdörfer
Founder of Guldhjulet