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Welcome speech – Guldhjulet

Hello and welcome everybody to the first awarding of Guldhjulet!

I am incredibly happy that you all have come here to celebrate this year’s winner. You are creating history!

With Guldhjulet, we want to support an organization that effectively combats any form of violence or oppression. The winner will receive a financial contribution. In addition, we hope to draw attention to the organization and the issues that it combats.

My name is Teresa Afonso Leimdörfer. I am originally from the south of Africa but I have lived in Sweden for nearly thirty years. I have a husband and three children. I own and operate a driving school in Stockholm.

In the part of the world I come from, there is repression and violence in many forms. It’s like a tragic part of the everyday life. I saw it as a child and hated it. Although I had never experienced anything else, I realized that it was wrong. I wished I could have done something about it.

When I came to Sweden at age 16, I thought Sweden was a paradise – and it also is, in many ways a very very good land. But even so, there are many people who are exposed to violence and oppression. Unfortunately, I have also seen it up close.

Right now, the issue of solidarity between individuals particularly important. A large number of people flee to our country to escape oppression and discrimination. Terrible terrorist crimes carried out in our region. This confronts our humanity and we face difficult trials – interests of different groups against each other. It is particularly important at this juncture to stand up against all forms of oppression and discrimination

At my company we have talked about that we would like to help in a more thoughtful way. We are a small company and do not have as many resources but we have previously made contributions to some different directions; organizations fighting against hunger, poverty or disease. But we decided that we wanted to work more focused. Therefore, we took the initiative to Guldhjulet, instead of making random bets.

We are so far the only sponsor who provides financial contributions to Guldhjulet. But our hope is obviously that more people will choose to help. Together we can be strong and really make a difference. If you, like us, hate oppression and violence join in and support Guldhjulet!

this year’s winner, will be seen in a little while.

That said, you are all welcome at the historic first gold wheel!

Teresa Afonso Leimdörfer


Speech to the winner

Now my friends, I have the honor to present the winner!

This year’s winner has for over 20 years engaged in an intense struggle against the oppression of women and children. The organization is run by two sisters who live in Sweden but originally are from Iran. They had to flee their homeland because they worked for human rights. When the sisters came to Sweden, they discovered, that even in our country there are many people who become victims of repression.

Even in the relatively equal Sweden, there are extensive honor-related oppression of women and girls.

I abhor all violence, and is convinced that it is a major obstacle to development and prosperity. Neither a family or a society where there is oppression can develop in a positive way.

However, I think honor violence is an extremely serious form of oppression, partly because it is so harmful to those who suffer, partly because it is so difficult to fight.

To combat this type of violence requires a deep knowledge of the values and traditions behind.

This year’s winning organization has supported and “saved” thousands of women and girls who are victims of including honor-related violence. They operate two clinics in Stockholm where women and girls who become victims of oppression can turn to.

They also pushed several important and high-profile cases, including the so-called Vasteras case, where they helped a girl who had been raped in her foster home, to pursue her case. Witch led to her winning in the Court of Appeal.

I’m incredibly proud and happy to now be able to submit the first Guldhjulet-price of 50 000 SEK to ….. WOMEN’S NETWORK !!!

Teresa Afonso Leimdörfer


“Thank you”-speech from the winner, Women’s Network

Welcome to the information evening at the Women’s Network – for those who participated in the Guldhjulet award

To all of you who were on the Guldhjulet award ceremony and have shown interest in knowing more about the Women’s Network and our business. We are grateful for you being there and that you used ”Swish” to donate money. And for those who want to support a girl or woman in the Women’s Network business, we are also grateful.

We apologize for not having contacted you before, this is due to our high workload. For a long time, we wondered if we could support thousands of girls and women with only 10 employees? No, absolutely not we couldn’t, not without good people, volunteers who have engaged in different times and in different periods. We can support a girl or a woman to not be murdered by the father or the man when it is urgent, but then when she should be looking for an internship, or to choose subject in school, she is completely alone and then we need you who can help and show that she is not alone. Without volunteers, we could not manage, they give not only support to the girls, but also to us who work, to help us feel the strength to keep on fighting. We will invite you to one or two meetings to discuss how you can support a girl or woman in this matter. Hopefully it would be in April or May for Leila would be delighted to be, but she is in Afghanistan the whole of March.

We would like to say to you who ”Swished” money or took a bet on the painting what the money you donated have done…

Khatareh was a girl who had moved around in different slums in Afghanistan, Khatareh had notified her father of rape but no one listened to her. We got in touch with Khatareh by an activist and contacts in Afghanistan, through a good friend named Baqi. He told us that Khatarehs lawyer was not so good. The trial judge had said: “If you say that your father raped you, why have you not killed yourself?”

In the end, we arranged a good lawyer for Khatareh and her father were sent to prison, but in Afghanistan it is easy to buy your freedom since the prison guards are very poor. Khatareh then endured a lot of threats from her uncle, witch led her to find shelter at a women’s shelter. Her father has said that he would kill her. He has also previously killed at least one of their previous children  whom he gave to hungry dogs, another child in the family disappeared but she does not know what happened.

We thought it was good that Khatareh came to a shelter, but when Leila met her in Afghanistan, she told of how she was treated at the women’s shelter. They thought she was dirty and disgusting who had had a baby with her father and the mood became more and more menacing. We managed to arrange a new shelter for Khatareh but the situation was acute for her and her children, they risked being murdered. A documentary filmmaker we know in Afghanistan made a documentary about Khatareh’s life, the film was shown in France and she has now thankfully been given 10 years of asylum there. The money that came from the ”Swish” and the money that came from the painting by Per Josephson has gone to buying Khatareh’s and her children’s airline tickets.

We also want to thank the therapist who has arranged with a very professional psychologist to another girl. She been wanting to take the help of a psychologist for a long time, but have not managed in the long and complicated process that involves the regular health care. Therefore we are pleased that so far we can contribute 10 000 SEK from this prize money so that she can go to a private psychologist to quickly get the help she needs.

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Leila with Khatareh and one of her children, Afghanistan 2015.

Women’s Network